亚游集团官 University is committed to supporting students in pursuit of their goals through a range of scholarships 和 grants awarded based on academic performance, financial need, athletic experience, 和 group affiliation. 奖学金及助学金 are 奖 that do not need to be repaid 和 are awarded at the time of admission to 亚游集团官.

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How To Be Considered for 奖学金及助学金

We are passionate about rewarding you for your hard work 和 dedication to your studies 和 extracurricular activities. New students are automatically considered for all merit scholarships during the holistic admission review process 和 do not need to complete a separate application. Competitive, Performance, 和 Talent Awards may require an additional application, audition, or interview 和 are awarded at the discretion of the coach or director of the program.

All scholarship applicants are required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (code 002282) to be considered for additional financial aid. 奖学金及助学金 are included in your total financial aid package as reflected in the financial aid award notification letter upon admission. Renewal is contingent upon meeting specific requirements as outlined for each individual award.

Scholarship Opportunities at 亚游集团官 University

Direct from High School Merit 奖学金

These scholarships are awarded to students who enroll at 亚游集团官 University directly after completing high school; first-time adult students are also eligible to receive 这些奖项也是如此.

The scholarships are for full-time, degree-seeking students 和 are renewable for 最长四年. Students applying for Fall 2022 admission may choose to apply as test-optional. This means you are not required to submit ACT/SAT scores to be considered for admission or merit-based 奖. No separate application is required to be considered 在完成 FAFSA 在录取过程中. Review the Terms 和 Conditions for Direct from High School 奖学金.


转移 Student Merit 奖学金

转移 merit scholarships are offered to students who are attending a regionally accredited four-year or community college pursuing their first degree 和 will be transferring to enroll full-time at 亚游集团官 University. 奖金从2000美元不等 to $6,000 per year, outlined in the chart 下面. Learn more about the complete Terms 和 Conditions for 转移 Student 奖学金.


国际 Student 奖学金

国际 students applying to 亚游集团官 University are also eligible for merit-based scholarships based on their admission application. 奖金从2000美元不等 to $6,000 per year, outlined in the chart 下面. 



Students that are connected to a specific group are also eligible for affiliation 奖. Click the rewards 下面 to review each award’s Terms 和 Conditions carefully to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Please note that students can receive either affiliation scholarships or athletic 奖学金,但不能两者兼得.

 奖学金  数量/年  资格要求
 Gpa / act / ~ sat + m
  校友的遗产 $2,000 Parent/Gr和parent is a 亚游集团官 alumna/alumnus
  天主教高中 $4,000 天主教高中毕业
  Felician-Sponsored Ministries 不同 Full-time employees 和 their dependents
  Phi Theta Kappa转学 $1,000 3.5 / PTK成员
  表演艺术奖 $3,000 As determined by the Director of 表演艺术


Students who exhibit financial need are reviewed during the application process in consideration for need-based 奖. This includes 奖 to help offset the cost of residing in 亚游集团官 housing as well as academic-specific interest 和 intent to 出国留学. Review the full Terms 和 Conditions of each of our need-based 奖 下面.

  亚游集团官援助奖 根据需要而定 按需资助
  亚游集团官住房奖 根据需要而定 Need-based housing assistance
  BCA援助奖 根据需要而定 按需资助
  亚游集团官援助奖 根据需要而定 按需资助
  Study Abroad Assistance Award 根据需要而变化 按需资助

Additional Scholarship 和 Grant Opportunities

亚游集团官 University also offers admitted students a set of scholarships 和 grants based on clearly defined federal 和 state need-based criteria, military service, 以及校园就业. This includes the Federal Pell Grant, work study, 和 Michigan 学费资助. Explore additional scholarships 和 grants offered at 亚游集团官.

联系 the Office of 金融援助

亚游集团官 University is committed to supporting your investment in your future through a range of scholarships 和 grants, 和 we are proud to be one of the most affordable private, liberal arts schools in the country.

We are here to help you every step of the way, ensuring you 和 your family are able to make the most informed decisions throughout the financial aid process. 任何问题 about financial aid or our scholarship 和 grant opportunities? 联络我们的办事处 of 金融援助 at (734) 432-5663 or finaid@gerardmeyer.com.